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Mozart Requiem - High Definition Music Card

  Surround Records International Collaboration of Performers in collaboration with Surround Music Awards winner Alexander Goldberg Jero and the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra; present Mozart's Requiem in a format never seen before. By placing Mozart's Requiem on the High Definition Music Card, brainchild of Mr Jero! Composed in late 1791, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's classic Requiem is a mass that was composed in Vienna but not released until his death- when it still remained unfinished. An ending was provided in 1792 by Franz Xavier Süssmayr, and was commissioned by one Count Franz Von Walsegg to be played on February 14th of that year, to memorialise the anniversary of his wife's death. There are a number of haunting stories based around the Requiem Mass' composition. It was believed by many that Süssmayr actually held the finished article that Mozart had composed, but that he still passed the ending off as his own and conveniently lost the 'scraps of paper' that the original document had been written on. Further controversy was caused by Mozart's widow; who claimed the symphony had been commissioned anonymously, prompting the notoriously nervous composer to become paranoid and believe that the work had been commissioned to be played at his own funeral. Whatever the true story the final version is truly enchanting, and you can now listen to it in a unique new way. The High Definition Music Card is a revolutionary new product likely to change the way we hear and experience music. Experience Mozart as you have never heard him before! In full surround sound music that has been specially devised to give you a unique 3D encounter! Jero is known for his ability to 'layer' music as one might do to create a 3D film, and his world famous techniques have been condensed down to this one device for your entertainment. Mozart's Requiem is a well known and powerful piece but now you can encounter it in a new way! Up until now you have been listening to a flat recording, without the ups and downs, highs and lows and other general intricacies that you might hear when listening live. The High Definition Music Card takes Mozart to a new level and allows you to close your eyes and imagine you are right there at his concert, listening to him amidst the hushed anticipation of an audience. If you love music and if you love Mozart then listening to his famous piece in this new format will be music to your ears. So if you are ready to join the musical revolution then why not Mozart's Requiem a starting point? Join the trend and stay ahead of your friends with this fresh and unique new way to listen and experience music as you have never, ever, heard it before!

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Alexander Golberg Jero was born in Moscow and is famed as being the first ever winner of the (now world-famous) Surround Music Awards for Best New Surround Music Composition (as voted by United Entertainment Media and Surround Professional magazine). The award was presented by United Entertainment and Digital Theater Systems, and Jero was celebrated for the technical and artistic skills he utilises in creating music in innovative new Surround Sound formats. After that whirlwind and explosion into the Surround Sound music scene; Alexander went on to create over 200 specialised albums of his own, and has cultivated a mass following throughout his lengthy career in the curious, multi-media world of Surround Sound. 

Jero 'assembles' his music by bringing each element together from separate recordings, by re-working sounds and by layering sounds on top of each other to create is own unique effect.  However, these are not live ensemble recordings in the traditional sense. Jero brings sections in separately, and records them, often utilizing previous recordings as reference material. He then assembles the final product in the mixing room. It's an unusual approach for a genre as hopefully organic as classical music, and listeners' reactions may be colored by the knowledge that high tech wizardry has at least helped to craft the architecture of any given performance. A musician since the tender age of 7, Jero first studied at Moscow Music College and State Academy before moving to America, where he went on to study at the Institute of Audio Research and Parsons School of Design in Manhattan, providing him with a solid education upon which to further his career.

Alexander Goldberg Jero is also a founder and Managing Director of both Surround Records International and MediaInVision PLC, both of which bring music to the masses in a variety of delightful ways.


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